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The Masters Golf 2018 tournament is one of the most awaited and a highly flaunted golfing tournament that is organized in the starting week of April every year. The event stretches down to one full week and is made up a number of official and unofficial events. The main attraction of the tournament is obviously the golfing rounds and finals of the tournament. The other attractions of the vent include a number of organized fests for the guests and different unofficial events.

Golfing might not be considered as a very popular sport by many but is often considered a sport of class and sheer skills by many others. Many people enjoy watching the sport and even playing itself. Golfing came into existence from the China. The game however did not gained much popularity with time until the late 1400s when Scotland picked up the basics of the game and modified it further to suit their needs. The game was later picked up as one of the most played sport in the world and was largely enjoyed by many.

Getting your place in the event

The Masters Golf 2018 is being held in Augusta Georgia and is largely being entertained by many players of the sports and guests who are willing to witness the event themselves by being physically present. The tickets for the event can be booked online on the official website of the game and subsequently you might also get facilitated with many discount and other features given by the organizing committee for online bookers of the game.

Getting to Augusta for The Event

Living in an American state might ease your purpose of travelling to Augusta for witnessing the thrill of the game. It is easy to reveal from one American state to another by roadways. One can drive itself up to the state of Augusta where all it takes is a few hours. However if you live far away from even the nearest American state and still have a passion for the sport and its events, you can get your online tickets for the state and the event specially catered with discounts by the committees which in turn facilitates their guest list for the event and helps in the promotion of the tournament.

Viewing the game online from your house

Travelling far away to Augusta just for the sake of the game is not very easy for everyone. The costs might be too much to be afforded by many people. However the mere costs reasons shouldn’t be any barrier between the sport and the passion the people have for it. Therefore the organizing committee has arranged live online streaming of the game on many websites and different links. The links to the online streaming of The Masters Tournament will be available on the respected time of the events. You can try different links based on your country’s server and enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home. Match your calendar and clock to the schedule of the tournament; grab your popcorn and all the necessary things and witch to the live streaming of the game to enjoy full telecast.